by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
November 2004
Cody McCarty   TE   TCU

Cody has very good size, strength and speed for his position. He catches the ball with his hands, away from his body and shows excellent blocking skills. He has very good balance and shows quick feet. Cody has all the tools that are needed to be an impact TE in the NFL. He reminds me a lot of Mark Bavaro.

Needs to Improve

By the time Cody gets to the combine and shows his skills, everyone is going to be fighting to get information on this kid. Cody is in a system that is just now starting to use the TE in the passing game. His talent has forced them to do so.

Talent Board Round  4

This kid is a five-tool type of TE. He has: 1) speed, 2) good hands, 3) blocking skills, 4) intelligence and, 5) leadership qualities. He does not have the run-after-the-catch abilities that Mark Bavaro had, but it would not surprise me if he develops them in a few years. I like this kid a lot and he has 1st round talent and skills, but he will not be picked until much later. He will surprise the team that drafts him and get on the field very quickly. He has that kind of talent. Most scouts are going to be afraid to go out on a limb and tell you this because there is not much game tape of this kid except for blocking. Thatís why you come to this site. We have the guts to go out on that limb, because in this case, the limb is as big as a 100-yr old tree trunk. I call him Cody (Hide & Seek) McCarty because right now he is hiding and youíre going to have to seek him out.