by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
November 2004
Corey Webster   CB   LSU

Corey has very good size, strength, speed and quickness for his position. He has the size to help in the return game on special teams. He is a good tackler and has shutdown cover corner talents. He is a good teammate and plays within the context of the game plan. Corey can make players around him better.

Needs to Improve

Right now, Corey tries to do too much. This makes him hesitate and guess and sometimes be in the wrong place at the wrong time. All of this is not a real problem and should not affect his draft status.

Talent Board Round  2

Corey just needs a coach that is going to slow him down mentally. He is a very talented player and a good player, but sometimes he tries to do too much. I like the way Corey tackles and his coverage skills are as good as the best in this draft, but he does lack confidence in himself and blames himself too much when mistakes are made in the defensive backfield. This will all be better in the NFL because he will be playing with other, more talented players. Corey does not have a problem with making mistakes and then forgetting about them, but he does have a problem with thinking too much so that he will not make a mistake. This will all get better with maturity and the understanding of his strengths and weaknesses. He will take a year or two to go through this process, but in the meantime, he will impact on special teams. Donít worry about picking this kid in the draft -- just give him some time for his play to mature and he should be something special.