by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
March 2005
Courtney Roby   WR   Indiana

Courtney has excellent speed and quickness for his position. He has decent size and decent hands. He is a lot more athletic than most of the CBís that he goes up against in college. What I really like about Courtney is his burst and he seems to show more than one gear after he catches the ball and turns it up the field. He does a good job going over the middle and is very dependable in catching the ball on the curl and out routes. Courtney has excellent developmental talent.


Needs to Improve

Courtney has trouble in the overall consistency of his position. Right now he has trouble being consistent catching the long ball and for a speed receiver, thatís not good. He has a lot of learning to do in using his speed to his advantage and getting off the line and in general, going after the ball.


Talent Board Round  3

Courtney has excellent developmental talents and reminds me a little bit of Marvin Harrison although he is far from being close to Marvin in productivity at this stage of his career. He must get stronger to handle the bump and run and he has to get a lot better catching the deep ball. Right now, if the ball is right to him it is no problem; however, as soon as he has to adjust to the ball itís 50/50 he catches it. You can see the talent and the abilities when he runs short to medium routes. Thatís when he does a good job catching the ball and setting his feet and causing all sorts of problems for defenses. His lack of consistency right now will kill the team that drafts him if they do not wait to see what kind of player they will have. He is a player that will be taken earlier than he should be because of his speed and this could be his downfall. Take this kid in the second day of the draft, donít rush him and he just might blossom. Take him the first day and put him on the field in the slot too early or use him as a WR too early and who knows what will happen.