by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Dan Buenning   OG   Wisconsin

Dan is a tough competitor and gives good effort at the guard position. He has good size for his position and good agility. He has been a good player for his college team and a leader. Dan has really just touched his abilities and has a lot of upside to his game. He has the overall athletic talent to be a good guard at the next level.


Needs to Improve

Personally, I have to question Danís overall work ethic and seriousness to be a better player than he is right now. He has the ability to be a much better guard than he is and for some reason, he is not.


Talent Board Round  3

I can only hope that this kid is the smartest kid in his class and is going to graduate at the top of his class because, in my opinion, that would be the only excuse that would be acceptable for his lack of improvement. He has good talent to be a solid right guard, but he should be better. He lunges too much in the passing game and is off balance and I cannot see any real reason for it because he shows good lateral movement. He does not explode into his blocks in the running game. Most of his problem is a result of his lack of strength in his upper and lower bodies to handle his position at the college level.  The only conclusion that I can give you for this is that he is just lazy and he lacks the work ethic to be successful at the next level. That is unless he graduates at the top of his class but, to be honest, do you know how many excellent players have graduated top of their class and have been excellent players and improved on the field every year while in college? Some have already graduated and just stayed in for their senior year to play their last year of college ball! So maybe it isnít an excuse after all!