by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
November 2004
Dan Orlovsky   QB   Connecticut
Dan has excellent size and strength for his position. He has a very strong arm with good mechanics. He can make all the big time throws. He has good balance and is very hard to bring down with a blitz. Dan calls a lot of his own plays and this will help him at the next level. He is a drop back passer that moves well within the pocket. He should do well in a play action vertical game offense.
Needs to Improve

Dan does things well at this level, but will have to speed up everything he does for the next level and this will take time. He also has a bit of a long release and does not throw well on the run. Dan does not like pressure in his face and although he has good mental toughness, he has a big problem in this area.

Talent Board Round  5
I am not convinced that Dan will ever be able to handle the pressure that is put on an NFL QB -- on or off the field at this time. He might find success if he is with the right team with the right running back and the right O-line. (Then again, isnít that true for all QBís?!) Dan is a perfect example of a QB that has tons of talent that needs more development. Dan reminds me a lot of Drew Bledsoe. In fact, I would say he is a clone at this point. I do not feel that Bledsoe would have made it in the NFL if it were not for Bill Parcells. Now, some of you are saying that Bledsoe never made it, but his stats do not lie and he has been to the big game in his career and there are a lot of good QBís that have never been to the big game at all in their career. I do feel that Dan will have to be in the same situation as Bledsoe was to become successful. He needs a strong coach that will make him or break him...most scouts will tell you otherwise, but thatís why you come to me. Iím not going to blow smoke up your chimney with a lot of garbage like, "He is a really good kid and comes from a fine family."  Iím sure he is and does, but that is not the point. Dan is a boom or bust pick and the LATER he is picked in the draft the BETTER CHANCE he has to be successful in the NFL. This is due to the less pressure there will be for him to get on the field too fast and fail if he is picked early in round 1. He is a first day pick because of his talent, but I stamp on him 'fragile' -- do not pick in the 1st round.