by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
January 2005
Darren Sproles   RB/ST   Kansas St

Darren has unique athletic abilities that are not the norm for most players who play the game of football. He is fast and quick along with having different gears and levels of speed and quickness. He is strong and has excellent balance and vision. Darren has the type of vision that you cannot teach.  He has the type of RB talents that you cannot teach and he has the kind of toughness that you cannot teach. He reminds me a lot of Barry Sanders -- maybe not as powerful, but just as elusive and just as impacting.


Needs to Improve

Darren is vertically challenged, but as far as that affecting him becoming an impact player, I donít think so!


Talent Board Round  2
You have not seen the best that this kid can play. Every time I see this kid in a game he stands out. I donít believe that even Darren knows his limitations at this point of his career because he just hasnít reached them yet. Pound for pound, there is no other back in this draft more talented than Darren.  The only thing he lacks because of his size is the ability to block blitzing LBís in the passing game, which is nullified by the fact that LBís are going to be scared to death to blitz when he is in the game. Believe me when I say this, his size will not be a factor in the NFL -- it will be a weapon. Draft this kid and you will be fighting to get a ticket to watch him play. Warrick Dunn was picked in the first round, but times have changed and RBís with speed are bigger. But you see, there is no RB that has this kidís unique abilities. If I am a Super Bowl team at the end of the third round and I wanted a change up RB/slot WR that will improve my special teams the minute he hits the field, I would not hesitate to pick Darren. The impact will be dramatic, the fans will love him and his teammates will make money off him in the playoffs. I know crazy profile guy is going off the deep end again. Everyone else says he just a specialty player and his size is going to be a big problem in the NFL.  Thatís why you come to me to get a different side of the story and it makes you think for yourselves! Guess what? Darren is a match up problem. ShhhÖdonít tell anyone!!