by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Darrent Williams   CB   Oklahoma St

Darrent is very fast and very quick. He is a good tackler and really likes to play football. He is a smart CB and likes to make plays. He is very aggressive and plays bigger than he is because of it. He has a quick hip/flip and should be a pretty good bump and run CB. He does a good job in zone coverage and should help a team right away in a nickel-dime package.


Needs to Improve

Being an aggressive short CB, Darrent can get burnt like a piece of liver that you didnít want to eat in the first place.


Talent Board Round  4

Darrent just has to calm down a little bit. He will help a team right away because he is a playmaker and prides himself on being just that. He is a good tackler and will not have a problem when they run right at him. He is fearless and likes to play on the edge. Darrent has to learn when to take those chances. He has to learn that taking a chance for the big play has to come at the right time to help your team. Darrent should also be a good addition to special teams. With his speed and quickness and love for making the big play, it should be a good fit.