by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
January 2005
Darryl Blackstock   LB   Virginia


Darryl has excellent size and speed for his position. He is good at running down the RB when the play is away from him. Darryl does a good job blitzing the QB and he shows good skills when the play is in front of him.


Needs to Improve

Letís seeÖhe lacks instincts in the passing game along with good change of direction abilities. He is slow to find the RB and lacks the true aggressiveness in his overall play that is needed for the next level. He is a glider, gliding by on his potential.


Talent Board Round  2

I think that Darryl is smart to come out now because his play has not improved from his sophomore year to his junior year. In fact, he has gone backwards in his development. If he were to stay in for his senior year and continued on his downward spiral, I donít think he would be drafted until the 5th or 6th round. Right now, you are drafting a kid on a size/speed ratio and not on his play. You are drafting a kid about which an NFL coach thinks that he can unlock the potential of this kid and make him a star. Right now, you are drafting a kid who everyone might think is a tulip just waiting to bloom. If I owned a team, I wouldnít have time to grow tulips or wonder why Darryl hasnít improved. I also donít have time to listen to some garbage that some scout or college coach can come up with to excuse this kidís lack of play in his junior year of college. Unless Darryl unlocks his own talent and starts to get much more intelligent and aggressive in his play, the only way he will make a team is because someone drafts him too high and has no choice but to hang on to him until his first contract is up. Wake up Darryl!  Youíre dealing with the big boys now!