by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
November 2004
David Baas   OC/OG   Michigan

David is a tough, smart, snot-knocking, kick-you-in-the-butt type of offensive lineman that every team in the NFL needs to have for a successful O-line. He can play center or guard and has excellent leadership qualities. David has good strength to handle a player head up on him and good enough lateral movement to step over and help out a guard with stunts. David blocks so hard in the running game that he could knock a blind man into seeing.

Needs to Improve

David needs to improve his foot speed so that when he plays center, he can get out and hit the MLB and when he plays guard, he can pull better. He has to do more work on the stairs of a stadium, up and down.

Talent Board Round  1

David is a must have pick for a struggling team. He does have his limitations, but I think that he will work hard to improve. I like him as a center the best. I think you can coach around his limitations easier if he plays center and his leadership qualities will be best used at that position. As far as going out and getting the MLB on certain running plays, if the running play is between the guards, just wait for the MLB to come to you, David, and then knock him silly. If the play goes outside the tackles, tell the coaches to coach better and use someone else to get the MLB. Now why is it that I have to solve everything?