by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
November 2004
David Green   QB   Georgia
David has good athleticism for his position. He shows very good leadership qualities. He has a good and accurate arm and has excellent mental toughness. He moves well in and out of the pocket and only runs when it is necessary. He reads defenses well. He likes to break the defense down and throw the ball deep. David loves to win and doesnít care how he does it.
Needs to Improve
David does get overzealous at times and forces the ball into coverage. It is my guess that this will always be a problem at the next level because David wants to win so very badly. Injuries at the next level could be an issue for David because he doesn't flinch in the face of a pass rush.
Talent Board Round  2
Tell me, do you need a QB with great leadership qualities and a good strong accurate arm who can run any kind of offense? David plays the game like itís a pick up game between his friends and the gang down the street. He is like a kid from the Bronx playing street ball all day long and then after supper, plays until dark even after his mother screams for him to come in for the night. He plays the full sixty minutes and the score doesn't matter to him. He is relentless in his play and leads by example. David is fearless in the face of a pass rush and throwing interceptions does not bother him at all. When he is on the field, no amount of point difference in the score is too much for him to overcome and there is no one on the field playing with him that does not feel the same way. David is a winner and will leave it all on the field every game. Thatís all any coach or fan can ask for in a player. He will be a core player and a fan favorite for the lucky team that picks him. If the QB in front of him gets injured, you can bet that he will never see the field again if Green comes in. David has 1st round talent, but might be one of the players that falls to the 2nd round for some dumb reason.