by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
December 2004
David Pollack   DE   Georgia

David has all the tools to be an excellent DE at the next level. He knows how to play the run and the pass. He has all the pass rushing moves down -- along with the speed, quickness and burst off the line. He is a leader and makes the players around him better. He has this knack for the big play at the right time when his team needs it the most. He is a good teammate and will be a core player for the team that drafts him.

Needs to Improve

Well, if I have to be picky, David is a little undersized for his position by NFL standards.  Because of that, he will be labeled as not having any upside to his game, or he goes hard on every down, or he gives 110% on every play, or he is an over-achiever. All of these are statements by scouts who are afraid that because of Davidís height and lack of body type to get bigger, he will have problems at the next level. They are wrong!

Talent Board Round  1

You see, David is exactly the type of player that I consider as a businessman selecting in the draft as a no-brainer pick. David will always strive to be the best and will succeed because itís not in him not to. He is not as tall as you would like him to be and he is not as big as you would like him to be, but he can play the game of football with the best of them. David has top ten talent, but as soon as the juniors start to come out and he goes to the combine, scouts and coaches might start to downgrade him because he is not the perfect type. This happens all the time and thatís why you see Pro Bowl players picked out of every round. It is one thing to miss on a Tom Brady. It is understandable -- after all, he was a back up in college. Overlooking a talented 4th quarter player like David is just ridiculous. Just look at the film and watch the bowl games. You will see a player that has an amazing ability to kick his game up a notch right at the correct time in the game.