by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
December 2004
DeMarcus Ware   DE   Troy St

DeMarcus just explodes off the line when pass rushing. He has very good athletic talent. He has good change of direction skills, nice long arms to go along with excellent speed and burst to the QB. DeMarcus is a good tackler and handles the point of attack well in the college game. He is excellent in pursuit and loves to attack. He is a pure speed rusher with good all-around abilities.

Needs to Improve
DeMarcus will need to get stronger to handle the point of attack in the NFL, but he will. I have no doubts.
Talent Board Round  1

I think by the time we get to draft day, you will be hearing more and more about this kid. He reminds me a lot of Jason Taylor; in fact, some might say that he is a clone. He might be stronger than Taylor at this point in the run game and thatís why I think this kid might be as good as they come after two or three years in the NFL. He is one of my favorite players in this draft. He has the size, strength, speed and quickness to be a perfect blind side rusher. On my personal board, he has 1st round talent and if I needed a Pass Rusher that can play in a 4/3 defense on every down, this kid would do it for me. Watch this kid shoot up the boards the closer we get to the draft. It should be very interesting.