by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
January 2005

Derek Anderson   QB   Oregon St


Derek has very good size and strength for his position. He shows excellent arm strength and can make all the throws needed to be a starting QB at the next level. He has good balance when he sets up and throws and has a good quick release. This kid has improved from last year and is just starting to realize his talent. He moves very well in the pocket, but is a pure pocket passer.

Needs to Improve

This kid just needs repetitions at this stage of his development. He will grow more consistent in all phases of his game as he gets time on the field.

Talent Board Round  4

Derek, along with Jason Campbell of Auburn, are the two most improved QBís in this draft. Both had very good coaching and to their credit, have both responded well to this good coaching. I saw Derek for the first time last year and I saw a raw kid who had a strong arm, but didnít take pressure very well and lacked accuracy when throwing. I did see a strong arm and whenever I see a strong arm, I make a note to make sure to see some film the following year to see if there is any progress in his development. This year, I saw a vastly improved QB in all areas of his game. Set up, release, decision-making, accuracy. Derek improved in all of these areas and that is why I am suggesting that this kid is worthy of a first day grade with a chance to be a starting QB in the NFL. He has the arm strength and athleticism along with the ability to stay in rhythm and not speed up his delivery when pressure is coming in his face. You cold weather teams that need a young QB to develop with a vertical /play action offense should be looking at this kid seriously. Dallas would be another team that should be intrigued with DerekÖhe would learn a lot under Vinny! Derek is as far along now as any QB you have on your team now and is a better fit for your system.