by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
January 2005
Domonique Foxworth   CB   Maryland

Domonique has good size, excellent quickness and speed for his position. He uses very good techniques and along with a quick hip/flip, he is able to cover just about anyone he chooses. He is smart and looks for the big play. Dominiqueís strength is deceiving because he doesnít carry much weight, but he does have good strength. He has the potential to be a shutdown cover corner, but he is a quiet kid on the field and Iím not sure coaches see it yet.


Needs to Improve

Domonique has to add some more weight to his frame without it effecting his speed and quickness. Iím not sure his body type can carry more weight.


Talent Board Round  2

Domonique is getting pushed around now by the bigger WRís at the college level. He is strong and at the college level, heís been able to hold his own; however, my biggest fear is that for a 16 to 18 week schedule, can he hold up? He might get picked in the 1st day of the draft because he should help a team in a nickel/dime package right away. But if he doesnít, or canít, add more weight he will get muscled in the red zone and get scored on a lot. Domonique has the talent and the smarts and the only thing holding him back is this weight issue. If he can deal with it, then Domonique can become a starting CB in the NFL. Domonique has the talent, speed, quickness, smarts and techniques Ė unfortunately, that may not be enough to succeed at the next level.