by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
November 2004
Donte Nicholson   S   Oklahoma

Donte has the talent, size and strength to play either safety position. He is a good tackler and is big enough to cover a Tight End one on one. He is also fast enough to cover the RB on swing plays out of the backfield. He has a very good burst and has good change of direction skills. He is Donte (The Magnificent) Nicholson.

Needs to Improve

There are so many good players on defense on this team that Donte gets lost, but not by me. I watch the film, I donít care what others think or say about a player. Thatís why I find players like Donte and others donít.

Talent Board Round  2

Donte could play the part of Zorro. The three cuts that he leaves on his opponents signify the three impact plays he has in every game he plays. He is a very underrated player because he plays the game with ease. Itís almost as if he had a sword in his hand and parries with his opponent until he is ready to lunge and drive his sword through the heart of the offensive coordinator. He is an impact player and right now, he is falling through the cracks in this draft. He should be rated right up there in the top ten (IMO) and itís amazing to me that he isnít. Donte has very good cover skills and when he tackles, he does it right. He is smart and plays the game within the game. He makes the players around him better and has very good leadership skills. He is Donte (The Magnificent) Nicholson and if your team picks him, you can start the party because your defense will be on its way to being one of the best in the NFL.