by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
March 2005
Ellis Hobbs   CB   Iowa St

Ellis is a tough kid that has good speed and quickness for his position. He is strong enough to be a good bump and run corner and smart enough to handle zone coverages. He is a strong kid and a good tackler. He is such a good tackler that he could be moved inside in a nickel and dime situation because he is strong enough to tackle the running backs in those situations. He reminds me a lot of Antoine Winfield. Like Antoine, he has that ability to play bigger than his size.


Needs to Improve

Ellis is vertically challenged and this will affect his draft status. In this draft, there are a lot of bigger corners that will be taken ahead of Ellis. But a lot of those corners will not be as good as Ellis.


Talent Board Round  2

You guys in Chicago last year were really happy to draft Nathan Vasher CB from Texas. You were really happy to read my profile of him after the Bears picked him in last years draft and you were still happier of the way the kid played. Well, Ellis is the same type of player and very underrated. He is in a class of CBs that are talented, numerous and big. This might drop him out of the first day, but make no mistake about it -- Ellis is first day talent and will be a core player and fan favorite for the team that drafts him.