by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
December 2004
Eric Moore   DE   Florida St
Eric has excellent athletic abilities along with good speed, size and quickness off the ball. He has good explosion to the ball and is very good at chasing plays down from behind. Eric really likes to rush the QB. He has those pass rusherís long arms and an excellent first step. He has good change of direction skills and burst to the QB. Right now, he fits the profile of that situational pass rusher.
Needs to Improve

Where do I start? He is very skinny and a lousy tackler when the play is right at him. He hates to defend his position against the run and does not have very good football instincts.

Talent Board Round  4

Eric works hard, but might be up against a wall when it comes to playing football at the next level. If someone can get him to gain weight and strength, then work with this kid so that he can have some consistency in his game, they might get a hell of a pass rusher down the line. On the field, Eric looks great one play and the next play, looks like he never played the game. I donít know where he will be picked in this draft, but if some team is smart and really gets into this kidís head and finds something that will help this kid perform to the level of his athleticism, then he will be one of the sleeper picks in this draft. It has happened many times before. Good luck, Eric. I hope it works out.