by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Ernest Shazor   S   Michigan

Ernest is a big, powerful, fast player. He is a good tackler and shows an excellent burst to the ball. He plays faster than his time shows, believe me. He shows leadership qualities and makes the players around him better. Oh, letís be honestÖhe scares the living crap out of every WR on the field and it isnít because he has a scary face.


Needs to Improve

Ernest has to have the play in front of him or he will not be a force. He must get smarter in pass defense to compensate for the lack of flexibility in his hips and his limitations in change of direction.


Talent Board Round  3

Ernest should be a force in the run game, but has to improve his pass defense. Some scouts are suggesting that he can move to LB. He is big enough and fast enough, but his lack of change of direction skills could hurt him there more than at the safety position. In pass defense, he is limited to playing in a two deep zone system; however, I just think this kid is the type of kid you draft and worry about that crap later. His tackling abilities alone make him worth a high draft pick. Remember that 4yr old son, daughter, niece or nephew swinging a wiffleball bat in the backyard? Remember how you stood behind them as they swung the bat and you really werenít paying attention? Remember the pain when that child hit you right in the groin with that bat? Every guy thatís had that happen to them is reading this right now doubled over with that imaginary pain. Well, thatís how hard Ernest tackles on the field and every WR will remember that pain every time they play against him. That alone is worth two turnovers and countless drops a game.