by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Fabian Washington   CB   Nebraska

Fabian has good size and strength for his position. He has good speed and decent quickness. He has very good techniques and in doing so, plays faster than he times. Fabian is one of the better tackling CBs in this draft. He is strong enough to fight off blocks and has a good understanding of what a defense is trying to do to him throughout the game. He shows leadership skills and is respected by his teammates and his opponents.


Needs to Improve

He needs to get upfield quicker and help turn the sweep inside faster.  He is a little slow with his hip/flip because he peeks into the backfield a little too much. All of these issues are easily correctable. This is a bunch of nit-picking nonsense.


Talent Board Round  1

Fabian is going to be a solid CB for the team that drafts him and as soon as he gets more confidence and experience, he could very well be a #1 CB for the team that drafts him. He looks to be very mature for a junior and it is impressive to see his opponents lend him a hand up after a play and coaches from the other team interact with him in a respectful way during the game. Fabian does not have much to do in college because all of the teams he plays against game plan everything away from him. It is a smart move to come out for this kid because it will not get any better for him next year. The one thing that will be interesting is if he can give the team that drafts him help on special teams. My gut says yes, but Im not able to find him anywhere on the tapes I have. This kid is a quality player and looks to be a quality pick.