by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Frank Gore   RB   Miami

Frank is a smart and talented RB. He has excellent RB skills. He is patient and understands how to set up blocks. He runs with good vision and does a decent job blocking for the blitz. Frank has all the skills to stay on the field as an every down RB for the team that drafts him.


Needs to Improve

The injuries, and the seriousness of them, are a big concern.  Then again, the fact that he has come back from them is a big positive.


Talent Board Round  3
Frank is still not back to full speed after his injuries. He might be close to having his straight-line speed back, but he is lacking the burst and the lateral movement that he had. Those are the skills that, at one time, made him something special. He needs another year of backing someone up without getting injured before all of his natural talents come back. I think they will and I think that Frank will be a back very much like Duce Staley. He may always fight injuries, but he should be a very productive back and a core player for the team that drafts him. At one time, Frank had 1st round talent and I feel he still does, but it might be a few years before that talent comes out of hiding. The question is can Frank be an every down 20 to 25 carries a game type of back? That is why he will drop to a first day pick RB -- well below his talent.