by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
March 2005
Garrett Cross   TE/H-Back   California

Garrett catches everything thatís thrown to him. He runs excellent routes and he understands down and distance situations. Garrett gives good effort when blocking, but his biggest strengths, without a doubt, are his hands, smarts and heart. Garrett will be an excellent addition for the team that drafts him. He is the type of player that most QBís will want to marry.


Needs to Improve

Garrett is not big enough and is too slow to play at the next level. He is not athletic enough to play multiple positions and his combine workout will be average at best. The only thing I can tell you Cross fans to give you hope is that all of that doesnít matter. Garrett can play football and thatís all that matters.


Talent Board Round  5

We see this all the time. A player that is not big enough for one position, too slow for another position and not strong enough for any position. He also doesnít have the necessary skills or athleticism for any other position and all the experts wonder later why this kid was able to play at the next level and be effective! Well, let me give you all the answers to this mind-boggling question. It all comes down to brains, heart, love of the game and the need to succeed. I really think from the way Garrett plays on the field that this is what motivates this kid because he really doesnít have great athletic talent. What he does have, is great hands to go along with the other attributes that I just mentioned. Iím not suggesting to you that he will be in the Hall of Fame, but I am saying that I do not believe you will ever be sorry that you drafted this kid. Garrett is the type of player that you need at crunch time. Thatís when he is  all of a sudden faster and more athletic than he has been all game long.