by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
December 2004
Geoff McArthur   WR   California

Geoff has excellent athletic abilities for his position. He has good speed and excellent quickness. He has very strong hands and runs very good routes. He also knows how to set up the CB so that he can get deep. Geoff is very smart and a clutch player. He is a #1 receiver because he has the talent and mental toughness and he wants to be the man.

Needs to Improve

Geoff has to learn to get in better shape. He has been injured a lot. He must get stronger and bulk up to take the pounding that he will take at the next level.

Talent Board Round  4

Geoff is a very acrobatic WR. He has very strong hands and has the ability to change direction on the ground. He is very underrated at this time. My guess is that his forty times will be average, but if the scouts want to base his abilities on his forty times, then they will miss another potential Pro Bowl WR. Geoff must get bigger. He has a history of not being on the field and this is the one thing that will drop him in the draft quicker than anything else. He has the frame to handle about another 15 to 20lbs of muscle and I would suggest he do it fast. Geoff has the perfect temperament to be a #1 WR and I believe he will be.  As to where he gets drafted…that will depend on if the coaches and scouts think he can stay on the field.