by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
George Gause   DE   South Carolina

George has good size and decent speed and quickness for his position. He shows some nice pass rush moves and understands how to defend his position against the running game. He looks to be a smart kid and very coachable. He has the body type that you look for in a 4/3 DE and has the talent to get better. George leaves it all out on the field.


Needs to Improve

He is more fast than quick and has to learn better pass–rushing techniques. He has to get bigger in his upper body. Right now, those big tackles are able to direct him wherever the momentum takes him.


Talent Board Round  4

George is a very good developmental DE. He is coachable and just needs a few years with some good coaching and he could become a core player for his team. Every time I have seen George, he has gotten better and that tells me that he is not yet reached his peak. He must learn to use his arms better and burst off the line then change direction before the tackle gets his hands on him. He also has to learn the mental part of setting up the O-linemen so that when he picks his spot and makes his move for a sack, it makes it a lot easier. George might just make it into the first day. It will depend how the draft falls. He has first day talent, but if he goes in the 2nd day, some team should be getting themselves an eventual starter.