by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
December 2004
Gino Guidugli   QB   Cincinnati

Gino has very good arm strength, mental toughness and leadership qualities for the QB position. He is a better pocket passer, but can throw on the run with decent accuracy. He moves well in the pocket and has a quick release with very good velocity when he throws the ball. Gino can make all the throws including deep, intermediate and touch passes. Ginoís game and talents translate very well to the pro level.

Needs to Improve

Gino takes too much responsibility for the success or failure of his team on himself. This causes him to make poor decisions and just try too hard. He has to learn to hold others more responsible. In having this attitude, he doesnít make the players around him better. This is not good for a QB.

Talent Board Round  4

Gino has the talent to be a 1st day draft pick and I really like this kid as a developmental QB to eventually be a starter and a Pro Bowl QB in the NFL. The one flaw he has that I see on film is that he tries to do too much himself. This is a big problem for a QB. There is a fine line in a franchise QB that takes responsibility in public, but on the field and in practice, does not accept players who do not do their job to the best of their abilities. Some guys want to be liked so much by their teammates that they take the blame for them by trying to do more than they are capable of. I think Gino does this and until he learns that being liked by players who donít do their jobs is going to cost you your job, he will not be a true leader.  A true leader is hated and loved and disagreed with and agreed with, but he is respected because he makes decisions with effort and expects other to work as hard as he does. Itís called people skills and the ability to manage peopleís emotions. Thatís what separates the good QBís from the franchise QBís. It can be developed and Gino should be a good student.