by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Greg Pauly   DT   Notre Dame

Greg has good size and is quick off the line with excellent leverage. Right now, he is just a babe in the woods as far as his development.  However, his size, strength and quickness off the line, along with good lateral quickness, make him a possible standout DT for the next level. When you see this kind of ability in a kid this big, it shocks you at first and you have to say, ďWhere has this kid been?Ē  Well, I have noticed him all year and when he has a good line coach, you are going to notice him really quickly.


Needs to Improve

Right now, all Greg does is bull rush. Thatís really all that was asked of him, so thatís all that he did. He has a lot to learn. He needs to learn hand usage, spin moves, gap responsibility and just a whole lot of little things that will make him an excellent player at the next level.


Talent Board Round  4

By the time the draft comes around, this kid could move into the first day. Two reasons:  1) This draft is weak on big DTís; and 2) Size/speed and the potential to be a 1-gap and 2-gap DT. He has to get smarter, take things seriously, really want it and not just say that he really wants it. He reminds me of Sam Rayborn of the Philadelphia Eagles, only he is a little more athletic and should be a better pass rusher. I told a lot of people that Sam was a good player with a bad team and he would be a hell of a player in the NFL and now Iím telling you that Greg will as good as Sam and maybe a bit better. He is a sleeper, but I know you fantasy fans donít care about DT sleepers in the draft.  However, you can bet the team that picks him will! Look for him on the second day of the draft, but donít be surprised if someone picks him earlier.