by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
January 2005
Heath Miller   TE   Virginia

Heath has excellent size, strength, speed and quickness for his position. He catches the ball with his hands as good as any wide receiver. Heath runs excellent routes because he has quick feet and that allows him to get in and out of his breaks. This kid knows how to block, which makes him a force in the passing game in the 4th quarter for his team. He has leadership qualities and makes the players around him better. He is a franchise impact player with the talent and character to carry his team.

Needs to Improve

He needs to change the color of his socks to my favorite team.

Talent Board Round  1

Heath is an impact player for his college team and will be an impact player for the team that drafts him. Now, I know that you can find a TE in any round that will have an impact for the team that drafts him; but remember, I am a businessman and the quickest return on an investment is worth more to me than long range return when it comes to the NFL. Heath is a top ten talent and will get on the field and impact in his first year. Think about it! In the red zone alone in his rookie year, he is good for 5 or 6 TDís because of his WR skills. The most difficult play for a defense to handle is a TE that can run up the slot with speed and hands plus have run after the catch ability. It scares a defensive coach right into retirement. Pick him wherever you want, slot him on your draft board wherever you want, but donít complain to me that you canít believe your team took a TE so early in the draft!  An impact player that gets on the field and impacts in his first year is worthy of being the 1st  round pick in any draft.