by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
JJ Arrington   RB   California

J.J.. has been an impact RB for his college team and a core player. He has good RB skills, good speed and good hands to catch the ball out of the backfield. He is very smart and gives you all he has when he is on the field. He runs with good pad level (as the scouts would say) and knee-bend. I get the impression that J.J.. loves the responsibility of being counted on by his coaches and teammates at important times in a game and he has done a very good job at coming through at most of those important times.


Needs to Improve

J.J. will have difficulty using the same style of running at the next level that he uses in college. He has good speed, but is not quick. His lateral movement is not that good, so he compensates by being a north/south runner that bounces outside with good cutting ability and vision.  However, he doesnít have the size or strength to do this in the NFL.


Talent Board Round  2
J.J. can make it at the next level because of his determination. He needs to bulk up to the 215 lbs area and learn how to follow his blockers as well as be more patient. At the college level, he had good speed and was just a better athlete than most of the players, but to be truthful, this has hurt him for the next level because he has not learned the true techniques that he will need at the next level to be successful. J.J. is smart and has good determination.  I believe that these two attributes will help him the most at the next level. He should study tapes of Emmitt Smith and understand that for him, out running everyone at this level is not going to work. Patience, learning to set up blocks, running between the tackles hard and learning to read defenses like a QB, etc. is the best way for him to become a starting RB in this league and not just another good college RB that didnít make it. He can do it because I sense that he wants it more than anything.  J.J. is 1st day talent that I think is an excellent investment.