by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
James Butler   S   Georgia Tech

James has very good size for his position. He is one of the better tacklers in this draft. He has nice long arms, which helps him to defend against the pass. He is quick to recognize and dissect a play and looks to be one of the leaders of his team. James is a good player at the college level.


Needs to Improve

James has very long legs. This makes it difficult for him to change direction quickly and he shows no real burst or recover speed in coverage.


Talent Board Round  5

James will help a team in nickel/dime coverage because he is a very good tackler. It will be very hard for him to become an every down safety unless a team plays two deep zone and everything stays in front of him. He can improve his burst and if he does, then he has a chance to stay with a team for a while. He is a smart kid and could have a long career with the right team, but as far as this draft, he is limited to one type of defense and that makes him fall into the 2nd day of the draft. He should be a quality, solid player and should be an asset on special team coverage.