by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
December 2004
Jason Brown   OC   North Carolina

Jason may be the strongest center in this draft. He has good balance and good lateral movement to help out the guards in a double team and to pick up the blitz. He is smart and shows leadership qualities. He handles the bull rush better than any center that I have seen coming out in any draft. Jason can easily handle a defensive nose guard of any size. He uses his hands very well and has good quickness out of his stance and into his set up. Jason has an excellent hand punch to use on quicker linemen to stop them before they can get by him and into a gap. His talents translate very well to the next level and he will get on the field very quickly.

Needs to Improve

Jason carries too much weight right now and it affects his foot speed and ability to get out and block LBís or pull and trap.

Talent Board Round  3

Oh my! This kid is a moose. He is so strong and he is such a leader. He is my pick for the center with the most upside.  In my opinion, Carter of Oklahoma and Jason are the best centers in this draft. I believe because of Jasonís strength, mental toughness and intelligence that he should be able to compete and get on the field right away at the next level. The kid will be a Pro Bowl player, a fan favorite and a core player for his team. If he loses some weight, I believe his foot speed will get better. He can increase his foot speed by working the stadium steps. The trick is not to go up them, but to go down them as fast as he can. This will get his brain signals working together with his feet and that is how he will increase his foot speed. Coaches have stopped using this technique because players were getting hurt tripping and falling down the steps. Believe me, it is the best way to increase your foot speed -- or kill yourself trying. Jason is the real deal and on film, he is dominant in his play and character. When you see this kid play, he jumps out at you on film. 1st round talent that will be picked later in the draft than he should be