by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
November 2004
Jason Campbell   QB   Auburn

Jason is going to be one of the surprise QBís of this draft. He has excellent size and arm strength to go along with a quiet style of leadership that is almost Montana-like. He is doing an excellent job of reading defenses; he reacts and feels the pressure in the pocket with a calmness that is eerie. There is no panic in this kid. He can make all the throws with good velocity and I believe he could run any kind of offense that you could throw at him. He does an excellent job of reading defenses and he has good mental toughness.

Needs to Improve

The scouts are underrating Jason because some big time players surround him. This is a mistake that is often done to college players who play on good teams and do not have a flashy playing style. Jason needs for his college PR people to market him better.

Talent Board Round  1

Jason does have good players around him, but he still has to perform for the team to be successful. As soon as a defense puts eight men up on the line, Jason completes passes all over the field. Then, of course, they start to run those two RBís and thatís when the defense gets into problems. If Jason does not perform, the RBís have a harder time running -- itís as simple as that. Jason has no ego to get in the way of his team performing. What I love the most about Jason is his ability to compete with a quiet style of leadership that is very effective. There is no one on that field who does not believe that Jason is the leader and yet I get the feeling that Jason never has to tell them that. He has improved every year and the players around him know that. Jason will be a big success in the NFL. His style, arm strength, pocket awareness and leadership qualities all translate very well to the next level.