by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
December 2004
Jason White   QB   Oklahoma

Jason is an excellent college QB. He is a pocket passer with good awareness and movement in the pocket. He is an excellent manager of the game plan in a Montana-like way. He has the respect of his teammates and coaches and is an excellent competitor. Jason will go through a wall to win a game. He has excellent mental toughness and will play hurt. He will be an asset to the team that drafts him.

Needs to Improve

Jason does not have the arm strength for the next level even though each time he recovers from an injury, his arm does get stronger and stronger. Also the amount of injuries and the severity of his injuries are big negatives.

Talent Board Round  7

Jason has the mental toughness, but not the arm strength to be more than a playoff QB in the NFL. Now, some teams right now would settle for that and maybe they should. Jason should go to a team that plays in warm weather or in a dome stadium. I like Jason White a lot, but my personal rule is not to draft players that you donít feel can ever challenge to be a starter. That doesnít mean they will be a starter -- it just means on draft day, they have that potential no matter what round. Jason would make me break that rule. Jason would be a perfect backup QB who will be prepared and step in and win a few games for you until your starter could get back on the field. He will become a fan favorite and cause a QB controversy with fans. Donít you just love QB controversies? Half the fans screaming they think the starter is good and the other half screaming that the backup is better! Let me tell you, some team is going to get themselves a hell of a QB if they pick Jason, but it has to be the right fit. I think he gets picked the 2nd day of the draft, but only because of his injuries. His injuries make him a sleeper QB pick. Jason has as much or more talent than Drew Brees when he came out in the draft. Think about it!