by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
March 2005
Jay Ratliff   DE   Auburn

Jay has good size and a very good burst off the line. He plays within the context of the game plan and is a solid DE against the run and the pass. Jay has very good stamina and mental toughness.  He doesn’t make many mistakes in the course of a game. He is a bit of a sleeper in a big program with a lot of talent and it is easy to get lost and not be noticed in a situation like that.


Needs to Improve

Jay is not flashy, but he is good. You just have to ask him when you need him to step it up. Some players are like that. He wants to know when you want him to take chances; otherwise, he’ll stay in the context of the game plan.


Talent Board Round  5

Jay will be picked in the second day of the draft and, in a few years with good coaching, should blossom into a very good DE. He is not going to get you double digits in sacks, but he will make a lot of tackles and give you a lot of pressure on the QB. If an OT doesn’t use good techniques against him on every play, he will beat on that guy all game long until that OT breaks down. That is how he gets his sacks. He is a relentless type of player and he should become a core player for your team and a good teammate.