by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
March 2005
Jeb Huckeba   DE/LB   Arkansas

Jeb has the potential to be a hell of a player at the next level. He has an excellent burst off the line and is a fast player. He knows how to rush the passer, has good change of direction skills and is a very good tackler. He is strong against the run for the college level. He is a strong kid and a smart kid. He is the type of kid that was made to play football. This is the type of player you pick regardless of need.


Needs to Improve

Get rid of the camouflage uniform, Jeb! Jeb has played a lot of positions so someone will have to decide what his best position will be and keep him there. Let me do it for you -- MLB.


Talent Board Round  4

I have seen Jeb play OLB and MLB. He is an excellent DE and looks to me like he can carry a lot more weight. I would say 270lbs to 280lbs without it affecting his speed and quickness very much. To be honest, I think he could be a Pro Bowl MLB. He can be an excellent DE, but I just feel that he would be something special at the MLB position. A team will take better advantage of his leadership skills -- speed, athleticism -- and head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive talents if they make him a MLB. This kid is no Huckleberry and if you think he is, then go have your head examined. I have no idea what is in the water in Arkansas, but Matt Jones and Jeb Huckeba are two very talented players. Both players fall into the category of having to change positions, so they will drop in the draft. Jeb changed positions in college and did very well; however, but his small size and inexperience slipped him by any scout who doesn’t have an open mind and cannot see that his true talent may lie with another position.  Jeb will be a 2nd day pick, but I think the team that drafts him will be in for some big rewards providing they move him back to the LB position. Although I do have to admit that as a long term DE, he is intriguing.