by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
December 2004
Jeremy Parquet   OT   Southern Miss

Jeremy’s arms are as long as a Boeing 747’s. He is a big, big kid, but has good lateral movement and decent quickness for his size. He plays with a bit of a nasty streak and shows some leadership qualities. He has good athletic ability to block in space, but don’t make him run too long or too far. If you use him to pull and trap in a short space, the kid will flatten you like a 10-ton weight.

Needs to Improve

Right now, Jeremy dominates at the college level because of his size and attitude. At the next level, this won’t happen. He gets too high when he pass-blocks, which is his biggest problem.  When he plays too high, he loses his power base and gets off balance.

Talent Board Round  5

This kid should be a really good right tackle in the NFL in a couple of years. He will have to work hard at his techniques because if he doesn’t, he is in for a shock. Right now at the college level, he is just so much bigger and stronger than the other players that his techniques are sloppy and he gets away with it. That will not happen at the next level. Jeremy will take some time to develop, but he has the attitude, mental toughness, pride and athleticism to make it worth it.