by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Jim Davis   DE/DT   Virginia Tech

Jim is a very quick player with good size and strength. He has some excellent pass- rush moves and is a very underrated player. His college team has used him at DT and this helped him to be strong against the run. He looks to be a very coachable kid as, on the field, he does whatever the coaches want him to do. Jim Davis is a sleeper…one of those players that comes from a big school and nobody sees him.


Needs to Improve

Jim needs to be used at the DE position so that he can show everyone how good he really is.


Talent Board Round  3

Everytime I see this kid in a game, he is making a play. Most of the time it is in the passing game and that’s when he is at the DE position. The DE position is where he belongs and that is where he will impact at the next level. He has that natural burst off the line with those nice long arms and quick feet. He is smart and knows how to set his man up for different moves. He pays attention to the big picture and doesn’t seem to have a big ego that could get in the way of his learning curve. Jim is a sleeper…one of those players that is playing out of position for the good of the team and not complaining about it. If you profile him as a DT, you’re missing a pretty good player that will be a core player for your team and will show some impact for you in the first year that he is picked.