by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
November 2004
Joel Dreessen   TE   Colorado St

Joel has good size and speed for his position. He has soft hands and quick feet. He has good strength and is a good blocker. Joel likes to block and shows very good balance, effort and toughness when blocking. Joel is a kid that wants to be an important part of his coachís game plan. He has some leadership qualities and is a good teammate.

Needs to Improve

Joel will need to improve in all aspects of his position and I have no doubt that he will. He will improve and he will be an impact player.

Talent Board Round  3

I call him Joel (Diesel) Dreessen because as the game warms up, and situations get more important, Joel gets stronger and more dependable. One of the hardest things for a TE to do in the NFL is lift his arms and catch a ball in the 4th quarter after he has been blocking all game long. Thatís what separates the average TEís from the better than average TEís. You see, most TEís think that bulking up so that they can block better is what they have to do to become better blockers. They are wrong! Blocking at the TE position must be technique, good quick feet for balance and brains. If you bulk up too much to make up for not having these talents, you wonít be able to catch a ball in the 4th quarter thatís above your chest. Your arms will be too tired and too muscle bound. The great TEís block all game long with good technique, quick feet and good balance. They do not try to overpower their opponent and are smart enough to use leverage against the player they are blocking. In doing this, guess what they are able to do at the most important part of a game? Thatís right.  They can catch a pass above the chest area.  Coaches and QBís can now consider the TE a big part of the passing game plan. Joel (Diesel) Dreessen has the quick feet, soft hands, toughness, balance and the brains to be an outstanding TE. He is not as far along as most TEís are that come out in the draft, but it is my bet he will be a 1st day pick before it is all said and done.