by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Jonathan Goddard   LB   Marshall

Jonathan was used as a pass-rushing DE for his college team. He has good speed and burst to the QB, but will be handled easily by the bigger, quicker O-linemen in the NFL. Jonathan has excellent skills to become a MLB in the NFL. He is a good tackler, has very good change of direction skills and he shows some leadership qualities. Jonathan also looks to be a smart player.


Needs to Improve

Jonathan has to be willing to change positions. At this time, I have not heard if he feels that changing positions is an option for him.


Talent Board Round  5

Jonathan has the talent to play at the next level, but I do question if he wants to change positions. That is the big question. If he were willing to change, then I would pick him up sometime in the 2nd day of the draft and start the process. Most of the time, undersized DEs are changed to the OLB position. But there are two players in this draft that I believe could make the change to the MLB position because of their athleticism. They are Jonathan and Ryan Riddle of California. Both of these players if they want to, can be impact players at the MLB position. They both have to want to do it. That will be the key to drafting them both.