by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
March 2005
Jonathan Jackson   DE/OLB   Oklahoma

There is no other player quicker off the line in this draft than Jonathan. He is a pass-rushing demon. In spite of his size he was used as a pass-rusher and also did a lot of dropping off the line of scrimmage in pass coverage. Jonathan uses good leverage against the larger OTís and is excellent in pursuit. He shows excellent all around athletic abilities and will be an excellent addition to an NFL team.


Needs to Improve

Jonathan will have to be moved to the linebacker position, so that will affect his draft status. I have no doubt he will become an impact LB at the next level similar to Teddy Bruschi.


Talent Board Round  4
He is smart, quick and a leader; he wonít settle at just playing in the NFL. He will want to start and impact, yet he understands the meaning of being team player. You are making a big mistake if you pass on this kid on the 2nd day of this draft and some might suggest he is a first day pick. He will be a core player for the team that drafts him and a fan favorite in a year or two. Draft him, then work him at the LB position in a 3/4 or a 4/3 and you will not be sorry. He is relentless in his pursuit of the QB or the RB because he has excellent anticipation, instincts and change of direction skills. He is a kid that you will have to have on your team to get to the playoffs and Super Bowl. Donít be fooled by his size and the position he plays or his lack of pure forty speed. Open up your mind and welcome a core player to your team.