by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
January 2005
Junior Rosegreen   CB/FS   Auburn

Junior is a very quick safety that I think has the talent to be a CB at the next level. In my opinion, he is very underrated at this stage of the draft.  He has good speed and excellent burst to the ball.  He has a very quick hip/flip that will shock a lot of people. He has good hands and is a bit of a ball hawk. Junior is very strong and aggressive for his size and his ability to play more than one position is a big time plus for him. Heís a sleeper because he played on a very talented team.


Needs to Improve

Junior needs to step it up because he has first round talent as a CB.


Talent Board Round  4
When I evaluate a player, I do it with the thought that he might be a solid player thatís at the wrong position. I look to switch marginal OTís to being impact players at the OG position. I look for DEís to be better at LB and CBís to be better as SS/FS. It is not often that I see a player at a less athletic position like SS/FS being a better CB because it is very unusual. It requires different skills. The skills for a player to go from CB to SS/FS is more size oriented because usually the player that has the athletic talent to play CB in college will be able to play one of the safety positions providing he is smart enough. My point is that Iím really going out on a limb here, but this kid should be a hell of a CB in the NFL. I am always amazed when scouts go to bowl games and are surprised by the athleticism of a player as most will be with Junior. As an owner, I would have to ask why? What the hell have you been doing all this time? I mean really, how is it that I see the potential on film and these guys donít see it until the bowl games? All I can say is that Junior will get on the field right away and in a couple of years, will be a core player and a fan favorite.  Junior, if you prove me wrong, Iíll kick your butt.