by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
November 2004
Kay-Jay Harris   RB   West Virginia

Oh baby! This kid is big, strong, very fast, powerful and the talent he shows on film is very scary. Talk about licking your chops! He has an excellent burst in the hole and breakaway speed to take it to the house. He has good leg strength and loves the big play. He has good hands out of the backfield and is a bear to bring down once heís in the defensive backfield.

Needs to Improve

Kay-Jay played baseball and now lacks the football instincts and understanding of teamwork. He is 26 years old and how well he handles injuries is a concern.

Talent Board Round  2

My prediction for this player is that when he goes to the combine, he will shoot up the draft boards because he will stand out athletically above the other RBís in this draft. He might be the fastest RB in this draft. I feel that his speed and size will overcome the questions about his age.  Since the average back in the NFL lasts only about 4 to 6 years, add free agency and the life of a head coach to this equation and Kay-Jayís speed and size alone will make him a pick that can impact quickly in certain situations and get fans very excited. You see, sometimes you donít need to worry about age or instincts if a player can get on the field and impact in some capacity in his first year. You have to feel that with Kay-Jayís pure athletic talent alone, he will impact on third downs and special teams. Kay-Jay played baseball for six years and did not make it. That shows me that he wants to be a star and make more money than he did in the minors. I think that if you donít overwhelm this kid with a lot of responsibility and just put him in situations where his athletic abilities and speed will shine, you can have yourself an impact player in his first year. I can see a team at the end of the first round jumping all over this kid because he has the abilities to impact without a lot of reps. He is a bit of a boom or bust player, but with no off field problems, he is well worth the chance.