by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
March 2005
Kerry Rhodes   FS   Louisville

Kerry has very good size, strength and speed for his position. At this point of Kerrys career, I dont think that he realizes his potential and talent. He is a good tackler and can cover a lot of ground very quickly with those long legs of his. He has good enough cover skills to cover one-on-one, especially around the goal line against the bigger WRs. Kerry needs some time to mature on the field and realize his potential.


Needs to Improve

He just needs a few years with a team that will not rush him and he will compete for a starting free safety job in the NFL.


Talent Board Round  3
Kerry is another one of those players that gets better everytime I see him. He is going to get a lot of interceptions when playing centerfield by himself because hell fool a lot of QBs with his speed. Im not convinced right now that Kerry feels that he can play with the big boys, but he can. He seems more surprised than anyone on the field when he makes a play and right now, he is making plays by pure athleticism. Just imagine when he gets some experience and does some better film work. That is what excites me when I see this kid play. Kerry is a developmental player with a lot of upside to his game.