by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
December 2004
Kevin Burnett   LB   Tennessee

Kevin has very good size and speed for his position. He is good in defending in both the passing game and the running game. He has good strength and is a sure tackler. Kevin shows good leadership qualities and makes the players around him better. He is smart and looks to be a good teammate. He has excellent athletic abilities for his position. He reminds me a lot of Keith Bullock.

Needs to Improve

I do not see good burst and recovery quickness, but to be honest, this can be analyzed better at the combine. I donít think itís a problem; itís just the tapes that I have of him showed a very smooth player and maybe his speed is deceiving.

Talent Board Round  1

I think that Kevin will be a very safe and solid pick for a team in the later part of the 1st round to early 2nd round. He will work hard to become a core player for his team and a player his teammates and coaches can depend on to always be in the right place according to the game plan. Players like this are very valuable at the next level. I donít see on film the burst to the ball that I like to see in an impact LB, but something tells me that itís there and it just needs to be brought out of him. I donít think that the team that picks Kevin at any point in this draft will be disappointed or let down by him. I know that he is rated as a first rounder and that this profile is telling you that Kevin is a first rounder.  This may seem like the easy way out for me, but to be honest, Kevin is just a good player and he makes it easy to profile him. He is just what you see on film, 1st round talent that should be picked in the 1st round. Kevin (Easy) Burnett.