by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
December 2004
Kevin Everett   TE   Miami

Kevin is a big strong kid with the frame to get bigger. He is just starting to get comfortable at the TE position and has tremendous upside to his game. He has good hands and he gives good effort when blocking. Kevin is very quick off the line and tries to run routes and block exactly how he the coaches tell him to. On film, you can see the concentration on his face and the need to help his team. This need jumps out at you and smacks you right in the face as he blocks and runs his routes.

Needs to Improve

Kevin is a tadpole right now. He has very good athletic talent, but needs more confidence, experience and reps to get better. I have no doubt that he will accomplish this.

Talent Board Round  2

Kevin is a Pro Bowler waiting to happen. He will need some time to develop so the team that picks him will have to be patient. Iím not so sure of his hands at this point because the QB that throws to him does not have a big time arm, but something tells me that he will work very hard to improve and eliminate this question mark. Kevin, at times, lunges for the ball and also lets it get into his body and this causes him to drop some passes. He has good hands so his problems can be rectified with hard work and better concentration and patience on his part to wait for the ball. Kevin, on film, looks to be the quiet type who works harder than anyone else to succeed. He has quick feet and good balance and likes to block. He is quick and fast and big and I believe that Kevin in a few years will be one of the best in the league. He will be a core player for his team and a fan favorite and a Pro Bowl player. Remember where you heard it first.