by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
December 2004
Khalif Barnes   OT   Washington
In this draft, Khalif might be the best LT of all the O-linemen, and that is saying a lot because there are a lot of good O-linemen in this draft.  He has excellent balance, lateral movement and quickness. He can be used in a pull-trap scheme because he has good foot speed. Khalif has quick feet and does not lunge or get off balance when run blocking and is excellent at getting out in front of an RB to block for a screenplay.
Needs to Improve

Khalif needs is a better PR department at his college. Also, as usual, he needs more upper body strength.

Talent Board Round  1

I’m wondering why no one mentions this kid’s name when they talk about left tackles in this draft? He has 1st round, top ten talent and is an excellent athlete. I know of no character issues on the field or off the field. I would take this kid in a heartbeat over Alex Barron of Florida St. He is much quicker and his lateral movement is much better. Khalif is better at run blocking than Alex and yet I have not heard anyone mentioning his name with the better O-linemen in this draft….so let me be the first! On my personal list, Khalif would be rated in the first round ahead of Alex and I would take him with Alex still on the board and not blink an eye. Let me say this about this draft. This is not a weak draft.  This draft is not as good as last year’s draft, but that draft was very unusual. The amount of good O-linemen in this draft is amazing. That alone makes this a good to average draft. Khalif is one of the best pure left tackles in this draft and his talent is equal to Robert Gallery who was the 2nd pick in the draft last year. The difference is that Robert plays with a little more of an edge to his game, but talent wise, Khalif is equal. You read it here first -- remember that!