by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Kirk Morrison   LB   San Diego St

Kirk is a very underrated LB. He is an excellent form tackler and has good speed and burst to the ball. He has excellent instincts and is a leader on the field. Kirk can play any one of the LB positions, but he really loves to play in the middle. He makes the players around him better. Kirk is a football player and he loves every minute hes on the field.


Needs to Improve

He is a bit undersized, but compensates for it with brains and love for the game.


Talent Board Round  3

Kirk is not the best at changing direction in the passing game. He is a little slow with his lateral movement and hip/flip. He is a little short and to all of this I say, big friggin deal! This kid loves to play and will never stop playing. He is the type of kid you draft because he will help lead you to the Super Bowl and in the 4th quarter, will do something special to help win the game. Head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive. Kirk is the only one in this draft that tackles that way every single time. He reminds me a lot of Chris Spielman; however, he is a little larger and faster.  If he comes close to playing like him at the next level, you are in for a treat.