by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
November 2004
Kyle Orton   QB   Purdue
Kyle is an excellent QB. He is quick to set up in the passing game and reads defenses very well. He has a very strong arm and has good mental toughness. Kyle has excellent leadership qualities. He is the type of QB that makes the players around him better because he demands it. Kyle has a little bit of Brett Favre in his play. By that I mean that the team that picks him better be ready to play up to its potential or Kyle might kick someone right where the sun doesnít shine.
Needs to Improve
Kyleís only weakness is that he needs to play in the NFL to experience what it is like to win a Super Bowl.
Talent Board Round  2
I swear one time I was watching Kyle play and I though I saw a pinch of chaw between his gum and cheek. He is a QB that does not care who makes the play or what the play looks like, as long as someone makes the play and his team wins. Kyle will not lose because of a lack of effort from him. He has a very strong arm. Do not believe anybody when they say his arm is not strong because he is in a dink and dunk offense. As I said, he reminds me of Favre because he can throw a pass while peddling backwards and still has some steam on the ball. He has a quick delivery and can make all the passes that you need from a franchise QB. Thatís right. I said he is a franchise QB -- make no mistake about it. If I am the Green Bay Packers, I would trade my ex sister-in-law (tattoos, facial hair and all) for a chance to pick this kid in the draft. He has the mental toughness to follow Favre and deal with all the expectations of him that would follow. This kid is a must pick for the Packers, but donít mention it to them because they will find a way to screw it up. By the way, you Packer fans, watch this kid in the upcoming Bowl games and you will see exactly what I am talking about. I swear this is the son of Favre.
Now, for those of you that are thinking Iím going to eat crow on this profile and tell you how wrong I am, think again! What Kyle is going through right now is what every good QB goes through, but usually when they reach the NFL. First year adversity makes or breaks QBís and thatís what I talk about all the time in my profiles when I try to gauge a playerís mental toughness. Kyle will be just fine and yes, all the issues that heís dealing with right now will affect his standings in this draft.  However, these issues will also make him a better QB and it will allow him to get on the field faster at the next level. The 1st year, most QBís have accuracy and consistency problems as well as trouble reading defenses, which is what Kyle is struggling with right now. Kyle tried to play hurt and my guess is that he hid it from his coach as to the amount of injuries he had. He learned a hard lesson. So keep the faithÖI still see a franchise QB developing right before my eyes.