by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Liam Ezekial   LB   Northeastern

Liam is an extremely intense MLB with marginal talent, but excellent potential to be a starting MLB at the next level. He is a leader and demands the players around him be better. He understands his limitations, but does not except them. He knows only one way to play and he plays that way with all of his heart.


Needs to Improve

He has talent; however, in his zeal to just play the damn game, he is not allowing it to benefit him. He needs some good coaching from a coach that he respects.


Talent Board Round  4

If you need a MLB in a year or two (and everyone does), do not be a fool and pass this kid up in the second day of this draft. If you are looking for him to throw up some great workout numbers, Fuhgeddaboutit -- it’s not going to happen. He is a search and destroy type of LB that will always play better than he works out. Just look at the film and you’ll see an attitude that is missing from many players in the NFL. He is a smart player that doesn’t get fooled easily. He is not the best in pass defense, but get him a good LB coach and I bet in a year or two you won’t even notice. Use him on your goal line defense and watch him make plays. Head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive -- don’t make a mistake, he will smack you in the eye. Remember the difference between a great LB, a good LB and a mamby-pamby LB is intensity.  Every RB in the NFL is going to remember meeting this kid…you can bet on it!