by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
March 2005
Lofa Tatupa   LB   USC

Lofa is a very talented LB. He is smart and is a head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler. He has a search and destroy attitude defending against the run and is as good as you can get in defending against the pass. Lofa shows good leadership qualities and called the signals for his team. Lofa can do it all.


Needs to Improve

Lofa is vertically challenged for his position and does not have the frame to carry too much more weight than he carries now. You know what I say to all of those negativesÖSO WHAT! Coach Better!


Talent Board Round  2
There is a history of successful stories of kids this stature and size, coming out and becoming dominate LBís in the NFL. From Sam Mills to London Fletcher to less athletically talented players like Chris Spielman. If you are a team that needs a LB that can play any one of the LB positions and you have plans to pass on this kid in the draft, then you might as well start smacking yourself in head right now and donít bother to stop until you knock some sense into yourself. Now some are suggesting that Lofa will have to be moved to the SS position. Again, just start smacking yourself in the head if you are thinking in that direction. He is an LB with tremendous talent and excellent leadership qualities. Why would you move those talents to a position where those talents would have less chance of impacting for your team? If youíre not sure about this kidís impact, go ask Mike Martz what happened to his defense when he let London Fletcher leave in free agency. The Rams defense left with him.