by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
January 2005
Logan Mankins   OG   Fresno St

Logan plays LT for his college team and does an excellent job. He is very strong in his upper and lower body. He has quick feet and excellent lateral movement. He has long arms for his size and is stout against the bull rush. He will not be a developmental O-lineman for the team that drafts him. Logan will be on the field as a starter, quicker than it takes to add water and make instant oatmeal for breakfast.

Needs to Improve

It would be nice if he was taller, but because of his talent and athleticism, Iím nit picking.

Talent Board Round  1

I would guess that Loganís true position in the NFL will be left guard, but believe me when I say even at about 6í3Ē, he could play LT very easily and do it well enough to make a Pro Bowl or two. He is a leader and you can use him in any offensive system you want to. He is very smart and always takes the right angle when he pulls or traps. He has excellent lateral movement and moves to the next level to block LBís and SS very easily. Logan cannot be bull rushed because he is too strong and uses excellent leverage and techniques. I have no doubt that he can start and play any of the O-line positions with ease. If you need an O-lineman in this draft, you are very foolish if you do not pick this kid up. His height and the fact that he played LT will foolishly drop him in this draft to some lucky team in the 2nd round, but he has the talent to be considered a top 15 pick in this draft. I call him Logan (Instant) Mankins because the instant you draft him he will start somewhere on your O-line.