by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
January 2005
Lou Lombardo   OT/OG   Maryland

Lou has good size, strength and foot speed for his position. He has good lateral movement and just might be the quickest off the snap of all the tackles in this draft. He has excellent techniques. Lou has the athletic talent to play in any type of offensive blocking scheme and does very well when he is used as a pull/trap lineman. This kid can play a couple of different positions on the line and, in my opinion,  has 1st day talent.


Need to improve

Does anyone but me know who this kid is? 


Talent Board Round  4

Iím watching tape and looking at CJ Brooks and all of a sudden, I see what I thought was a TE or H-Back pull from the right side between the guard and center and explode into a LB with a block that I havenít seen done better in the pros, much less a college game. So I rewind the tape, go to slow motion and watch as Brooks struggles with his man.  I see the RT (not a TE or H-back) pull right into the hole with quickness and confidence and explosion along with strength and athleticism beyond his years. I stop the tape, go to the kitchen, get some orange juice then go back to the tape, eject it to make sure Iím looking at a college game and not a pro game. I rewind the tape to the beginning and instead of watching Brooks as he struggles, trips and look clumsy, I just start watching the RT. This kid is damn good! I think his best position will be left guard, but if you put him at RT, he will be excellent. Iím not sure of his lateral movement because he plays in the passing game the way that I believe the blocking in the passing game should be played. He attacks his man right at the line first and then takes two steps back and starts to mirrors and hand fight as he forms the pocket. In using this technique, Lou is not at a disadvantage. The same technique used by the Colts O-linemen to protect Manning. Lou is one of the best overall O-linemen in this draft and will start right away. He is a sleeper. He will be a core player and a fan favorite for the team that drafts him.